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2005-08-02 00:40:01 (UTC)

Poor Heather

I went to another one of Heather's doctor's appointments
with her. That poor girl. What I would do to take that
pain away. I can't stand to see anyone in pain, nevermind
someone I am really close to. I can't imagine what she is
going through right now. I try my best to help her out,
but I dont know what else I can do for her. She calls me
her on call nurse. I think its funny. On my way back from
the appoinment I saw Kramer pulling into Shaws so of
course I had to pull a U-ee and catch up with her. I
thought she was gonna have a heart attack.We are going
bowling on thursday and then to the club.. Anyone want to
come...feel free. I gotta get outta here. Byeeee