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2005-08-02 00:36:29 (UTC)

It's gonna storm! Whoot.

Last night. There was these idiots who didn't get out of
Zellers until the last possible freaking moment and they
came up with a cart full of shit and I honestly gasped. I
was so mad. And I rushed and cashed out afap and literally
ran to the back, changed as fast as I could and ran out of
there and my mom drove me to church and NOBODY WAS THERE!
And it wasn't even 6:30 yet. So we waited, and waited. And
nobody came. So we left and I got Tim Hortons for supper.
And then I got home and checked my e-mail and it turns out
that Scott had e-mailed earlier (WHILE I WAS AT WORK!
SHEESH!) and we weren't going because he had football and
Jodi was camping. So yeah. And Michelle had a soccer game
so after that they went to somebody's house, and I was
gone for a walk so I wasn't home when they came home
before that to change at etc. So yeah. Then there was a
note telling my to phone them when I got home so I did and
then my mom came and picked me up because for some stupid
reason my dad told her I wanted to come even though I told
him I was watching "I am Sam" on TV and was just fine. So
she came and we were like "what an idiot that man is" and
I got to drive there. And then they were watching the same
thing there. So I did get to watch it after all. And then
I got to drive home. Even though it was dark. And I was
doing just fine but my dad just kept on being dumb and
freaking me out. And my mom was like "Geez no wonder she
doesn't like driving with you! You freak people out!" And
yeah. Then I watched TV and went to bed. The end of last

So work was good today. I worked at the mall enterance
with Taslim and Ashley and it was a good time. Sorta
boring but meh. Today was Seniors day (they get 10% off on
the first Monday of every month so yeah. How special. lol)
and so yeah. I thought it would be crazy busy but it
wasn't that bad. Hmm...OMG APRIL QUIT TODAY! I don't even
know why. She never showed up sunday and then today when I
went to check where I was working there was a note saying
April just quit and they needed people to take her shifts
and I was like :O! Like wow. I kinda wish I could talk to
her. Because she just wouldn't quit. She's gotta have some
good reason. And actually to tell you the truth I'm
worried about her. I really really am and so I wish I knew
her phone number and I'd look it up in the phone book but
she told me that she doesn't live with her parents
anymore. So that wouldn't help at all. And I know for a
fact that work won't give it to me anyways. So hopefully
I'll see her sometime. That kinda sucks. I was actually
beginning to like her and she was nice and helpful. ARGH!
Stupid, horrible things that happen to really nice people
like her.

That's pretty much all for my day. Nothing incredibly WOW
to say. Kayla might sleepover. I gotta phone her. If it
does storm (like my mom says it will and the fact that
Tucker is hyperventilating right now...) then we'll go
puddle jumping haha. And also...Katie comes back from
Winnipeg today. So yes. And I get to sleep in tomorrow!
How exciting!!! Anyways I'm out now. hehe Yeah the first
short entry ever! Wow.

Later dayz,

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