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2005-08-01 21:02:02 (UTC)

This is the dawning of the rest of our lives!

rite this wknd!...its bn weird 1! iv bn doin a lotta
thinkin! lol if u cant already guess by now then yea this
entry is gona b pretty deep an all meh! so if u want 2 b
spared from ne further torture then i suggest u stop
reading now!

fri nite woz pretty good! the skool disco fingy in the
star woz good! lol it woz actually rather amusing! woz
stayin at wilkies! met gun in the star-he woz totally
fucked out his face- 2 b honest he woz pissin me off
quite a bit -soz but u relly were- as usual fings started
gd but then aftr the star shut gun an that were headin up
ashley wilsons an wilkie an that were headin sumwhere
else! an 2 b honest i felt like shit 4 leavin wilkie an
that 2 go wiv gun (only 4 a bit mind u) neways aftr a
couple of hours i fort naw id bettr meet nic an that agen!
but gun woz bein a bit of a prick sayin aw naw dont bla
bla neways he went in a big rager at me so britan had 2
eventually walk me down the road! he sent loads of txts an
that in the nite 2 appologise an that but relly im finkin
it woz all the alcohols fault! god damn it! lol but we'r
still kool!

then saturday nite woz babysittin! so that gave me sum
time 2 myself an sum time 2 think! i thought abt sumink
gun had sed on fri nite...abt me goin 2 aberdeen an it
made me stop an think FUCK! iv bn so caught up in workin
an jus goin out wiv evry1 an havin a laugh an spendin time
wiv gun an stuff that in abt 1 months time its highly
probable that i will b totally upping my sticks an moving
away! iv bn applying 4 flats in glasgow an i no that if i
go 2 aberdeen then ill automatically get 1 there! either
way ill b movin further away from straven an all the ppl
there! an that kinda sux cos we'r all jus gettin on so
well the now! i fink in the past few months skool woz
relly gettin 2 me an the pressure woz relly hi 4 me and as
a consequence i had 2 make sum sacrifices(lol) an i didnt
go out as much or spend as much time wiv ma friends an it
kinda felt like all of us were growing apart! but as i say
this summer has jus bn amazin an 2 fink its almost over!
an 2 fink ill need 2 start studyin all over agen!*cries*

altho mabbi i can look at it as bein a nuw start...moving
away where nobody nos jus a chance 2 start all
over! dont get me wrong i am lookin 4ward 2 uno cos theres
gona b more gr8 ppl 2 meet/fings 2 experience!

still it feels like ma future, 2day, at this moment in
time is jus all made up of if,buts an maybes. nothings
certain at all! a dont even no if ill b gettin in2 uni !
it all now depends on the dreaded envelope! (lol)- iv
actually bn tryin not 2 fink abt it much. it seems like
wen i woz fillin out ma ucas form, movin 2 uni an that
seemed aaages away an now its like WOW almost time 2 go!
in a way i wish tuesday wld hurry up an come jus so i no
where ma lifes goin! lol im kinda dangling in the middle
of nowhere with wot seems like a false sense of hope of
studyin law!


mite as well enjoy the rest of the summer while it
lasts...still got bout month an a half left! oh an sunday
we all headin down 2 the star 2 c martin rapley playin!
lol wot a legend! it woz a good nite even tho i woz workin
in the mornin! lol...neways ill put the rest of u'z out ur
misery now an stop blabbing!


*cos ur everywhere 2 me an wen i close my eyes its u i c*