The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2005-08-01 13:18:56 (UTC)

It only lasted a couple more days

Why did my happiness go away? why did it last so short of
a time? this is the first time i actually feel like
writing down anything,yet so much has happened that i
should have wriiten more...i missed my last appt with
dr.kollross,johnie was sick,then i got sick,and i didn't
take my meds for like four days,i could so tell the
difference...i really do need them to help me function and
cope or i am a total basket case...i don't like feeling
sad all the time..who does right?..i called in my scrips
and tracie picked them up for's not like i feel i
depend on my meds,but like i said earlier i can tell i
need them to help me function(is that any different than
depenancy?)i'm confused..i'll have to ask...i'm so glad i
was able to reschedule an appt with dr.kollross so soon
after canceling...there are days i can't sleep,then there
are the days where it seems like i can sleep forever,why
is that? why am i like this i often wonder....oh
well..maybe one day i'll get over it..i'm tired of writing
already..sad eh..oh well..i'll wrote more again..