Just a small bird wanting to fly

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2005-08-01 11:47:26 (UTC)


I watched this movie today...
She really inspired me...
The look of seeing her husband sleeping with other woman
naked.. really made me sick ...

So I am glad I dont have to go through this...

I really thank God for not letting me suffer like that
woman ....

I will remember this movie ...

This is the song playing after the movie ended ...

Time goes slowly now in my life
Fear no more of what I'm not sure
Searching for my soul
The strength to stand alone
the power of not knowing and letting go
I guess I've found my way it's simple when its right
Feeling lucky just to be here tonight
And happy just be me and be alive
Love, in and out, of my heart,
And though life can be strange I can't be afraid

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