Lunactic Scriptures
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2005-07-31 18:01:18 (UTC)

What is a Juggalo?

so most people hate Psychopathic music. no suprise there.
They say it's a bad influence, go against GOD's will, they
knew someone who liked it and they went and raped and/or
killed someone, and that it just flat out sucks.
My guess however is you already figured out i L-O-V-E it
myself...and i'll tell you why...

The Music:
First off, and this is what got me interested in the first
place, the music just fuckin rocks! I love it! I can't
help but feel good listening too it.

The Image:
The image tottaly got me into it too. Not everyday you see
guys dress in all black and talk bout wicked shit. I loved
that too since they were basically flat out lettin their
colors show and it was exactly how i wanted too look too.

Their Attitude: They got the 'I dont' give a fuck if you
hate us or not.' which i tottaly preach. They not trying
too play favorites and make everybody love them. The only
ones they care about is their true friends and family
since it's their opinion they care about most.

The Message: I think this is the foundation for what i
like. Through the wicked shit they spit out, so much of it
i see it applys too my life. I can relate too so much of
what they rap about. Not everyday you got someone shoutin
out your own life story too ya. It's helped me through so
much. And because of that i make Psychopathic music a part
of my life too.

In my opinion, a Juggalo/lette is someone who makes
Psychopathic a part of their life. Not just a fan, but
something deeper on a totally new level. They put their
heart and emotion into it. They take what they learned
through the music and use it too their own personal style
of how they do shit in life.

Most older folk as me if i'll be into this as much as i
will be 50 years from now. I answer that i don't know, i
probably wont be wearin the gear and shit but i'll still
be all about the music and the message they give.
So yea, i'm looking too be a family man with a wife and
father of 2-3 kids. I'll drive my mini-van with the m&m's,
peanuts, and pennys jammed into the seat. Chances are i'll
lose my Hatchetman Medallion and chain that i've been
wearin everyday since i got it at the
Gathering '03, but im gona make damn sure i hold on too
this for as long as i possibly can!
I'll be wearin my suit too work and chances are i won't be
rockin a mosh pit anymore...but one thing will never
change. My love for Psychopathic.
While i live my mature life style workin on bills and
taxes tryin too fix my mortgage, i'll be having Freekshow
playin on my headphones. Down with the clown till i'm dead
in the ground. [You best believe that]

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