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2005-07-31 06:04:47 (UTC)

:( Horrible horrible day

So today work sucked. But atleast I got to sleep in.

I worked at the front with Ashley, Shachi and...I think
that's it for most of the time anyways. And Sarah was
supervising. So yes. I had quite afew bitchy customers

So I had already run everything through and the lady had
paid and then she was looking at her reciept as I was
doing this other customer and then she held up a box and
on the bottom was a blue sticker that said it was for 75
cents and she was like "Look at this. It was supposed to
be 75 cents and that's not how much the reciept says." And
so I said I was sorry and that I hadn't seen the sticker
as I was running it through and that she'd have to go to
customer service to get that fixed because since she'd
already paid and everything it was too late for me to fix
it. And she was so pissed off at me and I was like "Fuck
you lady. I didn't notice it and you should have known how
much it was for. You could have been watching and told me.
I only have about a zillion different freaking things to
think about and do!" But no I didn't say that to her but
seriuosly. What a fricked grumpy old bag. Honestly. It was
my mistake but it was too late for me to do anything about

And so then a bit later Sarah comes up to my till and
asked me if this lady had come through with a blue
ticketed item and hadn't gotten it for that price and was
sent to customer service. And I said yes. And she asked me
what happened so I told her that neither of us had noticed
that it didn't go through at 75 cents and I hadn't even
noticed the sticker or I would have changed it, so after
she was done paying she noticed and then I couldn't do
anything about it. And then I asked her why? Shouldn't I
have sent her to customer service? And then Sarah
said "Yeah that was fine but she was really really mad and
she told them that you fighted her about the price and
that you wouldn't give it to her for 75 cents." And I was
totally shocked. Like holy shit what a fricken little
lier! I didn't even notice the sticker and so what was I
supposed to do? Like wow that totally ruined my day.
Because she made up this horrible lie about me and none of
it was true. I was nice to her and I apologized for my
mistake and atleast she got her shit for 75 cents in the
end so what's there to bitch about? Like ergh some people.
Honestly. I almost fricken started bawling I was so upset
by it. And then Sarah told me that Stefanie was really mad
about it and that she said I should have just called a
cashier supervisor to do a price adjustment only I didn't
even know that. And Sarah stood up for me and said that I
didn't know that because I was new and I couldn't be
expected to do everything. So now pretty much Stefanie
hates me. Only I found out she's going to England and
Friday is her last day so I'm kinda happy about that.
Because it sucks when somebody you have to work with
officially hates you. And then when I was going on my
break Sarah talked to me again and she was like "Do you
have a boyfriend?" And it was so random and I was
like "" and she was like "I didn't think it was
you!" and I was like "umm.." and then she said "Stefanie
said that one time you were talking to your boyfriend at
your till and she talked to you about that, but I thought
she was thinking of another person." And I said " Oh well
one time I was talking to one of my friends when it wasn't
busy because he came by and he just moved here and I
hadn't seen him for afew months. But he did buy stuff. And
Stefanie said no friends so I made him go away." And so
yeah. That's another reason Stefanie's mad at me. URGH. I
don't think that Sarah likes Stef much. lol just the way
she said stuff about her gave me that impression. I dunno
maybe she was just annoyed at her because who knows. I
wasn't there Stefanie didn't even talk to me at all. So
maybe she bitched out Sarah and Sarah took it all for me.
Because she definately stood up for me and for that I
totally love her. Because I didn't even do anything wrong.
I didn't even know half that stuff. So anyways it was good
to know that Sarah wasn't mad at me. But I honestly
started bawling after she talked to me. And then I was
just in the worst mood ever for pretty much the rest of
the day/night and on the verge of tears too. Like wow.
Saturday must be "bitchy grumpy people shop at Zellers day
and ruin other peoples day" day. I'm not even kidding.
I've never had that many horrible people in one day.
Actually I've never had that many horrible people put
together until today. So yeah. New record. Yay. Like
really. I thought I was gonna get fired. Because that lady
definately seemed to want me fired. Lying about me like
that to one of my SUPERVISORS. Who probably does have the
power to fire me. So who knows. Maybe I'm getting fired. I
really hope not. Because that would slightly suck. Because
it was fun working there. Hopefully it will be again but
today definately took the cake for worst day ever. And to
top it off I couldn't even mope or start crying because I
had to be all cheerful and happy. Anyways. Near the end of
the evening it did get a bit better. And I wrote Dustin a
speeding ticket because he helped me out lots because I
was the only cashier working and people liked to come all
at once. It'd be dead and then there'd be like 10 people
waiting. Dumb people. So yes. And then to top it all off-
there was an idiot who took forever and so I didn't get
out until like 9:30. But I got a slurpee. So that was good.

Then I had to phone Chelsea and her and Kelsey came and
got me because they were bored and we were going to go
driving around. And so we went and met John (English John
who was in my bio class) and one of his friends and Facey
and we just stood around infront of the school leaning up
on Kelsey's car deciding what we were going to do for like
an hour and a half. Then they left and we drove around and
went like 11mPh and then we sat infront of my house for a
bit then at 11 I came in and yes.

But now I have to go. I really hope work will be better
tomorrow. I don't think I can stand another day like this.
I really can't. But atleast I have church to look forward