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2005-07-31 05:26:45 (UTC)


i dont like seeing those i care for hurt.
with a pain that the one hurting them doesnt even realize
they are causing..

because ive felt that hurt..
i WAS that hurt; for almost a year.
until i realized that God was so much greater than the

i also dont understand why someone intentionally does
something that alters their emotional, and sometimes
physical, state. God sees the heart, that i know, but do
you really think if He came back tonight and you were out
getting "smashed".. that He'd look upon you with
happiness? how can you be of any use to anyone else
speaking about Christ with them, when you, yourself, are
being a total fool.

.. that's why us few Christians left out there have a bad

Lord.. i pray You dont condemn them.. but change them..
inside... and out.. i love You.

.. You know my heart.

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