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2005-07-30 23:35:43 (UTC)

We're in the friggin middle ages again.

Yeah, I said it. The rich get richer, and the poor get
poorer, and there's fuck all you can do about it. I don't
know if this has changed at all over the last 5 hundred
years, but. . . oh, well.

Example: to get a decent job, by which you can survive,
you are pretty well required to have a college education.
However, in order for one to get a college education, you
need the money from your parents, who obviously went to
college themselves, and thus can afford to send you there.

Those who go to college will always go to college, and
those of us who don't, won't.

My famliy is not a college family. We don't go to school.
We work the same monotonous job for 50 years and get paid
enough to scrape by on with the majority of your food
coming from the garden.

I wanted this so bad. I was so ambitious. I've been
denied, AGAIN! What the hell? I have an above 80 average
and no financial assistance. Whoever said good grades get
you place was full of shit.

I've been clawing, scraping and scrambling to get enough
for school.

Well, bye now. Wish me some luck for tomorrow.

And, just for those of you who don't know, moving truck
companies are full of it. I reserved my truck in June. I
still can't get one for the day I wanted. boooo urns.

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