Lunactic Scriptures
2005-07-30 19:17:42 (UTC)

i met an Angel last week

sorry i been gone. i dunno. been busy i guess. most
important thing first.
True. No Lie...an Angel talked too me last week. Sure she
was goodlooking, but more importantly she delievered me an
important message (Angels are known too do that for us
human folk.)

So it was Joel's b-day last week right? Well early into
the night i realized that i aint gona get drunk or nothing
which was somethin i was looking forward too for
weeks before as a break from reality...
so i was pretty bummed righ, then we met up with some of
his friends. This one girl of the group i kinda talked too
like a hour before and she been too Edmonds so we got that

well that 2nd time we met she was clearly wasted. Bags
under the eyes, drunken posture, blank face...she was

still pretty cute though.
Anywayz, i was tellin her bout what i was goin
through...then she said,
"I know Exactly what your going through"
know how people say that too comfort you? well...she
DID go through all that! like when she was tellin me what
she been through was damn near exactly what i been
through. Like she read my life and was tellin it back too
me. i couldn't believe it. the power and emotion
overwhelmed me....
i can't front. I began too cry.

Long story short (too late), she gave me great comfort. It
was one of those meetings with people you only meet for
less than a day, but remember for a lifetime. She didn't
know it, but she helped me for years ahead of that. i'm
glad i hugged her....no wait, i'm glad she hugged me. She
offered me a hug. i couldn't believe it...total exstacy
bliss... imma go clean out my room now. gona take me like
5 days too finish i think. i'll write ya'll laterz. Peace
out. Much Family Love. ...(you too Angel)