life of a teenage drama filled life
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2005-07-29 17:21:13 (UTC)

Yay!! A good day...finally

So, i had the best day of my life yesterday. I was at work
with aaron and we were getting along really well, i mean,
usually we fight, but we werent today, and then he invited
me to a party and i was like, i ahve to go camping and he
was like your a dooschebag. Which was nice, i mean, not
that he called me that, but that is our way of joking with
each other and everything, but that he was sad that i
couldnt go. It made me happy. I wish i wasnt going
camping!! but i am, only for a day and then i am coming
home and we are gonna party it up for the other nine days!!
I am so so excited!! hehe, yep bye!