Just a small bird wanting to fly

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2005-07-29 13:23:11 (UTC)

I felt so low ...

The blue of the sky, I can't see it, the colors are
already forgotten
A crowded car is like the noise of bees
Who is specially recalling my face with nostalgia?

No matter how splendid the world is
All I see is black and white
There's nothing I really love
There's nothing I can't love
I don't ask where the sound is coming from

My body/shadow and I depend on each other for survival
With me, dancing, swaying, nonstop
My world is lonely, peaceful and stable
From the beginning, never seen beautiful scenery

My black, my white, have become a most resplendent future
I finally understand, heaven wanted me to wait for a
person to come

I wonder how long do I have to wait for your
replacement ...

Bersandar di pelukmu ...
menatap di matamu ...
apakah kau ragu padaku ...
kini aku ragu padamu ...
Adakah cinta yg tulus kepadaku ?
Adakah cinta yg tak pernah terakhir ?
Adakah cinta yg tulus kepadaku ?
Adakah cinta yg pernah berakhir ?
Selalu untuk selamanya ?

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