Daily Journal
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2005-07-29 06:11:30 (UTC)

July 28th

Hi my Master,
First of all I apologize for forgetting about this
journal. I got so caught up in the stuff I was working on
that I completely forgot about it. But that's no excuse.
I really am going to try to be better. I feel like I've
just been a complete disappointment today. Between the
phone call, and then the argument about it, and the
journal and all. I'm sorry...I'll try to do better. So
journal about the day. Not a lot to report really. Did
my UF application. I'm going to submit it on Saturday i
think because my dad was doing work stuff this evening and
couldnt help me with it. I did finish it all though. I
just need him to double check a few things for me and then
pay to send it. Other than that I talked to you on the
phone and then went to kickboxing. Then when I got back I
finished the last essay for the application and then did
some summer reading until right before I knew you'd be
on. I'm definitly still pretty fidgety and worked up from
the teasing earlier. I was hoping we'd do something about
that tonight, but it was pretty late when you got on and I
know you're tired. Well that's really all there is to
say. It hasnt been an overly eventful day. Just trying
to make a dent in all the things I have to do. I love you
my Master.