Unfinished Business
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2005-07-28 03:31:13 (UTC)

New Openings

072705 11:20pm
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What a strange summer it has been. I got a summer job doing
some landscaping work, Grace and our daughter moved back to
our home town of Glasston, I stopped hanging out with the
people I knew, and now they're moving away. I met some new
people this summer, just quit my job to spend the rest of
the summer preparing for classes and now I'm finishing up a
conference paper, am completely broke, and only talk with
two of the five people I've hung out with for the last two
years, one of whom is moving to Philadelphia, PA on August

I'm really happy with the fact that I've severed ties with
people, because I've come to realize that it's possible to
be a better person by removing myself from situations that
made we want to be something I'm not. I'm still not
completely sure what I am, but I feel like I'm in the
process of maturing into a more open identity. Certainly I
am caught up in a discourse still, but one where I feel I
can negotiate others in a way that allows for change.

Well, that's all I have time for now, but I hope to
continue this soon with accounts of some things that have
opened my eyes to other sights.

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