whispers from a contemplAtiv soul
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2005-07-27 23:02:08 (UTC)

goNE likE thE wiNd

well im levin for FL.this will b my last entry 4 probabli a
while till i come back home which will b a way long time 4
now.i jus came from lova boiz house.yea i went 2 his mom took me.i will elaborate wen i come as
surprised as u probabli packin rite now so if there r
alotta mistakes n this its cuz im rushin.iv gotz lotz 2 do
but i jus had 2 rite.alot has been goin sux now.i
think i mentioned the gurlz that i work wit n i dont get
along n-e mo cuz i dont like them.2morow iz the last dai.i
ahv mixed feelings as i once mentioned.i also hav a myspace
now.check that wayz i
betta go.ill miss writin n here but ill hav lots 2 tell wen
i get bac.mayb i can write once or twice down in the sunny cant realli sai im xcited 4 personal reasons that
i wont get into but i realli dont like packin much
n livin outta a bag.also livin n someone elses
house.sleepin n a bed thats not mine.its jus not kool.enuff
of my out till next time a while from
now.peace out! )*(smOoches)*( _*_TynA_*_

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