Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2005-07-27 20:47:49 (UTC)

And I do love her

Today wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be so
far... I was supposed to get my root canal today, but
instead they numbed my lip and I still felt a little pain.
So they told me it was infected or something and sent me
home. Now I have to wait till august 16th... I hate that so
much. I really want my tooth fixed as soon as possible.
Yesterday night was not a very good one for
sleeping... my girlfriend was almost raped in a bathroom at
her job... I swear at first I didn't know what to think
because I was scared and really upset. But I told her
everything I could that would help. She wasn't going to
tell me at first because she knew I'd be really upset and
worried. But she told me everything so that was good.
First I told her to tell her mom about it and then to
look for another job. If she has to absoultely go back to
work again, I told her to take weapon or something too. I
have to wait until 10:30 tonight to talk to her again, but
still I'm so worried for her. I also said a prayer for her
and that I'm always just a phone call away. I love Martha
and I don't know what I'd do if something happened to her. :
( well, I've did all I could do and now I have to wait
until late tonight to hear her voice... it won't be easy
but I have no other choice. I'll write again later alright,