life of a teenage drama filled life
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2005-07-27 17:24:57 (UTC)

I am not sure

I have an idea on what I am gonna do in the whole aaron
situation but i dont know if it is right. I mean, i know
the best thing to do would be to tell him that i like him
and everything. but i think that I need to just let it go.
I mean, if it happens it happens, but obviously aaron is
way too immature to not care what everyone else has to say
and youknow what, i deserve better than that. I mean, I am
a great person, with a great personality and i deserve
someone who likes me for me. I think that when aaron is
finally ready to grow up and admit that he likes me then we
will see where we are at, but until then i am just going to
separate myself. NO MORE AARON!!!
But i did find out a funny ass story that i have to tell
you. Kim threw a party at her house and I Guess aaron was
there, and so was sarah spaniol and kim was so so drunk and
she was throwing up and then she like started crying about
how aaron hated her while her head was in vomit and then
she got up and saw that sarah spaniols arm was around aaron
and kim got pissed off and stormed out of her house and she
just like kept on coming in and out of the room and like
ughing and gauking at them. It is so so funny. When i
heard that it put me in such a good mood. i mean, kim
finally getting what she deserves, she got put in her
place. And, she inadvertantly admitted she likes aaron. I
was talking to Chris Peterson and he said that he doesnt
think that Aaron likes her because of how mean he is to
her, but maybe aaron is mean to kim because he doesnt want
people to know that he likes her. Chris didnt think it was
that either. but i dont know. Maybe it is just me being
negative and not wanting to admit that someone might like
me someday you know?


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