Inquiring minds want to know.....
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2005-07-27 15:09:41 (UTC)

Happy Ever After

Its been awhile since i wrote and i thought i would catch
everyone up on everything. Yes i am in love with david and
not so much adam. i thought that i loved adam because he
was safe and he would take care of me but when i sat back
i realized that i wasn't IN love with him like i thought i
was. His touch would make me cringe and i never wanted to
be at home with him. but i thought i owed it to him to
stay. i have always loved david though, through everything
and he always loved me it was just never the right time. I
left adam in may and i am with david. i took that plunge
and i haven't regretted it once. i am the happiest i have
ever been and i can truly see myself spending the rest of
my life with david. he's my soul mate, my best friend, and
i've always known it, i was just too scared to admit it. i
can't live without him. he makes me whole in ways that i
think no one else could ever do for me. without him i
always felt a sort of emptiness and now, its gone... for 7
years we talked about how, one day, we were going to get
married, and now, we are going to be married next month. I
know that this is soon after adam but i just came to
realize that i have always been IN love with david, never
with adam. And if i could still be In love with the same
man over 7 years and never date him, then its meant to be.
i'm so happy i could burst... and i know i will be happy
with him. he loves me... truly and wholly and i love him
completly.... anyway... blessed be...