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2005-07-26 22:52:46 (UTC)

So I was kinda mad. . . So what?/ Crazy Psycho Work Bitch

I look back at my last entry and think, "holy shit, was
ever pissed off". I never like to say fuck. I overruse the
word at work, but work is work. Holy crap. Feel like
washing my head out with soap.

Anyhoo, I'm working my hands to the bone now to get this
university thing to work. 14 hours a day, 6 days a week.
And, on the bright side of things, Yay! I get a raise (I
could say its about friggin' time, but that's beside the
point - haha)

OOOOOoh. Funny work story.
At my work in the pizza slave trade, there is (was, haha)
this chick, nasty, nasty, nasty woman. Always late. Never
got anything done. Made us listen to all of her problems.
Made us do all her work. Called us names and screamed like
a banshee all bloody day. Made everyone miserable.

I don't bring my problems to work. I shut up, and I chop my
damn vegetables like a good little slave. She asked me what
I was so moody about, and I told her about the student loan
thing (back when I was still as pissed as I was in that
last entry).

The whole day, chick calls me a bitch, slut, whore,
whatever, gives me shit because I won't do her work like
every other fucking day.

My manager (very nice manager, but very, very, stupid) asks
why we aren't getting along today. I suggest that maybe
it's because she insists on calling me bitch, slut, whore,
etc. every day while I am covering her ass because she
doesn't feel the need to come in most days.

She says I was just upset because I couldn't get my loan.
OOOOooohhhhh. . . I was pissed. But, also upset. So I
started bawling my head off outside. Another manager saw
this, and followed me outside.

Crazy psychotic bitch (who has, also, by the way, stabbed
someone in the past, and beat up 4 other staff members)
follows the both of us out there, calls the manager a cunt
(good way to make friends and influence people, huh?) calls
me a backstabbing little bitch (why she bothered, I don't
know, because I have developed an immunity for the word
since I started working with her)

So, I said Fuck you. Easy enough. (I like to think I said
it in the same way the French do, not really offensive,
just saying GO AWAY, but nah, I was pretty offensive. I
have never confronted anyone that way. Ever.)

She comes after me. Manager had to get between us. Crazy
bitch threated to 'take my fucking head off'.

So I left. I went home, locked all my doors and windows,
told my roommates to call the police if she showed up (if
ya knew her, you'd understand. Psycho.)

Anyways, she's good and fired. I don't know why she had to
physically assault 5 of us before getting fired. Shows you
how desparate the pizza slave trade is. Meh. I get hours. I
get paid. I'm happy.

Work is soooo much easier. People actually started smiling
again. Yay.

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