Hollow Years
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2005-07-26 19:16:11 (UTC)

I pretend i don't fear your footsteps fade away

Last night i went out at 1 am till 3:40 am with bus stop
dude lol it was soooooo fun :) i was scared because edward
kept gettin up but i sneeked out wihtout being noticed :).

We went to the cemtery fo an hour were we just loked at
graves and lied around it was pitch black and cold
lol...then we went to his house and then we ewnt in his
garden which is the biggest garden i have ever seen then
we went in this tent he has there and it has a bed in it
and couches and a tv lol really good and we talked about
everything :) i really enjoyed it.

His g/f said we were allowed to be friends lol after he
argued with her for ages she said okay you can see her but
i will make sure most of your time is with me! lol.

Today i went to try my bridesmaid dress on then i went to
manchester with my andru :) and bought to pairs of pants
was fun. I was meant to be going to chicago rock tonight
but i am really too tired i feel like im just going to
fall asleep now :(.

[This is my parting gift to you]

Song: Anonymous poets - she wished for rain
Mood: Very tired...wooo inme on thursady got my ticket :)

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