life of a teenage drama filled life
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2005-07-26 16:02:21 (UTC)

The latest drama in my life.

So, where to begin, well, here we go:
Scott broke up with Ashley, which was traumatizing to her
because she never thought that they would break up, they
were suppose to get married and everything, but then he
said that he just didnt feel it anymore. So, Whatever.
But, then, Scott outed that he liked Sammie, which is
actually Ashley's sister. It makes it so much worse, so
sammie has been staying at my house and everything because
Ashley doesnt really like her much anymore, and so her
parents arent talking to her anymore. It sucks for sam, i
feel so horrible for her because she wants to graduate
here, but if her parents kick her out for good then she is
probably gonna have to move to portland with her mom. It
So, more on the aaron front:
When i was at work on Saturday night, kim kept on calling
and asking for kim, so i like snotted off to him that she
was calling and wanted him to call back, so whatever
right. THen on Sunday, i came to work and Cody was talking
about Aaron going over to their house on Saturday night
after work which of course is gonna make me feel like shit,
but no one really cares, so it doesnt matter. Then Nicole
tells me that Kim had been calling aaron all morning and
everything, so that just made it worse, i got into a bad
mood, and started giving aaron the cold shoulder and
everything because when i hear things like that it just
makes me not want to like him anymore. You know what i
mean, i mean, if you think that you arent good enough for
someone then you are gonna not want to want to be good
enough, and i just start not wanting to like him anymore,
and let him have kim. Well, then Nicole came over to my
house because i had a slumber party and i asked her if they
like made out at work or anything and i guess that aaron
was cranky towards her all night and then nicole tells me
that kim told her that she (kim) Said that she could have
aaron whenever she wanted him. Can you believe that. Kim
thinks that every guy wants to jump her bones. SHe is so
sos stupid. I find it hard even pretending to be her friend
anymore. But, so i was pretty much in tears by the end of
that day. Yesterday i go to work and aaron came in to get
his tips with his sister. THen i was on my way home and i
saw him and he like stuck his hand out the window and was
waving and when i looked at his face he had a great big
smile on it. I got the butterflies so so bad..... so,
needless to say......i dont know what the hell to do. Help?
Sunday was the one year anniversary of Danny's death. I
feel bad because i wasnt really upset, but then again would
danny want us to be upset? i have mixed emotions about
that. I mean, sometimes, i feel like i want to cry because
he isnt here, but then there is other times when i step
back and look at life and think, man i would trade places
with him in a second.Is that weird?


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