Daroon's Journey To University
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2005-07-26 12:18:38 (UTC)


Stayed round Rach's again last night, but this time, i
used a bed...big mistake, i've just woke up and come home,
lol. Ooops, plus i think she got up at like 7:00 and it's
now 1 ish... Crazy!

Yah, was good though, as always.

I'm so tired though, lol, don't you hate it when sleeping
so much makes you tired. Well anyway, me and mum are
going round nan's in a minute cause it's her birthday,
wooo... And then at 7:00 it's off up spoons as i'm sure
people who read regularly/every entry knew off by heart by
now... I have no money left now, but i do have half a
bottle of the Big V here, so i might see if Andy wants to
come round and help me drink it or something - don't think
he has money either...

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