Elizabeth M.
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2005-07-26 05:31:30 (UTC)

So Glad I dont have to deal w/ bullshit

Today was a lazy day for me, I woke up several times in
the early morning and went back to bed. I finally woke up
at 10:00am to find my mother talking to a A/C guy who has
come to clean the unit. We found out that now we have to
replace the unit due to corrozion(thats not spelled right)
the guy was saying it was because my male dog was peeing on
it, I looked at him and said he cant lift his leg that high
and I know about urine and how acidic it is in a male dog
vs a female dog. I was like what ever. Then I found out how
old the unit was almost 16yrs old, I thought to myself that
cant be right, The guy was suprise that it was still
running. I looked at my mom and said ok, what doyou want to
do? I told her that between Kate and myself we knew too
many guys that owed us favors for helping them and that we
could do it( get an A/C unit and have the men install it).
Anyways, later on a second guy came over to look at it and
gave realy good prices so my mother bought a new A/C.
Then it started, Kate started to tell me about her best
friend and all the bull shit she is going threw w/her man.
Then later his best friend comes to the house and we all
chated for a bit then her best friend came over and started
to talk about what was going on. I just shook my head, I am
so glad I dont have to deal w/ shit like that.
She is w/ a (nice guy) form whom has hit her on several
occations, has had his child and takes care of her other
kids, He doesnt clean house or watch the children not even
his, calls her cell 24-7 even after she tells him where she
is off too. He threatens to kill himself because she has
had enough of his drinking and not helping. He is allowed
to do anything he pleases but my sis. friend is not, Fuck
that!! If they get into it he runs back to his ex. TOO much
drama!!! I told her myself to kick his lazy sorry ass to
the curb and fuck that, no more 2 or 3rd chances, he cant
even watch his own child while she goes to get gas for the
car. And he's 29yr old. I still think guys act like they
are 5yr old no matter how old they really are, now men on
the other hand, they are hard to come by, they dont act
like this. All I had to say in the end to her friend was"
remember when eddie murphy came out w/the movie Raw?, Well
as he put it, the girl turns and says to the guy,"What have
you done for me latey?", Not a fucking thing!!! And walk
the fuck away.
To much drama!!!! So glad ,...so glad I dont deal w/that!!