Liv's Life
2005-07-26 02:02:26 (UTC)


Hey, well, huh! Mel moved down for ONE WEEK and me and my
cuz kicked her out coz we couldn't live together, it was
just impossible, unless we wanted our friendship totally
ruined, and now im living with David, who i call Daisy and
he has a boyfriend (GROSS!!) but yeh, everythings sweet, im
in my 3rd job (not much luck there!) and about 3 weeks ago
I got engaged to my boyfriend (of not long), Wayne. He's in
the army, we met in Newcastle at the Brewery. He's south
african and hes really nice, everything I've ever looked
for in a guy, but I havent heard from him in 2 days (he's
in Kapooka doin training) and usually i get the sweet good
morning good night messages and call him at 8pm but NOTHING
yesterday or so far today - absolutely nothing - im worried
about him, coz the army treats them like shit I really hate
it I do!
We booked our engagement party for december at the brewery
where we met and I can't wait!!!!! I also can't wait for
him to come back so I can see him again, hes been away 2
and a half weeks and will be back August some time. Its so
long and it goes so slowly, I don't know what I'm going to
do when he is sent to Iraq for 6 - 9 months! Im gonna go
insane - totally!!! But I love him and if he has to do it,
he has to do it. Ireally hope he contacts me soon though im
so worried bout him.
Anyways, back to 'work' - oh so fun.....not!

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