2005-07-25 20:33:00 (UTC)

x...U gotta fast car...x

here 2 update u on the weekly weekend events lol...
lets c friday nite- went up 2 straven as per usual lol met
the girliesi n the star an i had booked a taxi for 1 (i
had missed ma taxi the wk b4 so the woman on the fone woz
raged an told me I HAD 2 b there for 1) but that didnt
work out lol i decided not 2 go home in the end so i dont
fink ill b using larkhall taxis 4 a long time! *oops*
neways l8r on that nite met up wiv lauren agen an we had a
wee chat...agen! lol then luke came over 2 us lmfao! he
woz soooo drunk but it woz relly funny seein him attemptin
2 chat us up! at 1 point he even gave me his bank card an
pin number! but he made me giv him it bk b4 i cld get 2
the bank!-booo! neways we were gonna go 2 eddie's party
but cldnt find his house lol so ended up at maitlands! jus
me an all the guys! lol that woznt relly the plan but
neways it woz a good lauf! despite the fact i didnt get ne
sleep...well soz 1 hr b4 kenny woke me up by shakin the
car! neways gun gave me a run home in the mornin...the 2
of us had bn sittin random chattin in the car 4 a bit
durin the nite, it woz pretty good!

sat nite- i woz actually sooo tired i almost didnt go out
but i forced neways it woz a pretty quiet
nite relly...jus sat in the star 4 most of it talkin 2
jimmy! lmao!...ill no go in2 that story all ill say it woz
funny as fuck but pretty awkward all at the same time! i
cld definately feel the tension! neways aftr went up 2
nics gatherin 4 a bit! but i woz totally shattered by this
point so i jus ended up stayin 4 bout an hr then goin home
2 ma bed!

neways bn workin woz pretty busy in the
aftrnoon! an we had a bit of a drama lol but its kool its
all sotred now!....rite im tryin 2 do 2 many thing on here
at the 1 time so i fink this entry will end now!
catch ye...x

*U gotta fast car but is it fast enouf so we can fly away?
we gotta make a decision we leave 2nite or live an die
this way*

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