Elizabeth M.
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2005-07-25 04:25:04 (UTC)

Love help

Sometimes you gotta laugh, even about stupid shit.

Anyways,...its good to have an older brother who is smart
and knows alot about computers and everything else. Its
just too bad he never did his homework in high school, You
know all the top colleges wanted him like Yale and Harvard
and shit, I still say that I was the odd one in the family
when it comes to the children, I always had to work at it,
for him everything was easy and my younger sister is like
that too. I am just street smart instead of book smart, but
I am not street smart when it comes to the city, Lets face
it I never had to live in the city, my family always had
money, maybe not a lot of it but they would never subject
us kids to the city life, which is good.
Getting to the point, I told my brother about my problem
w/the computer and downloading certain things. So, he
showed me how to. So now that I can translate what I wrote
into a different language I am all set on getting my tattoo.
Amanda keeps on telling me not to put it on my wrist or
near there because I wont be able to get a job, Fuck that!
I told her that I was going to go this week to the tattoo
place and ask his opinion. Everyone keeps on asking me what
does my saying mean, and I keep on telling everyone the
same thing, non-yah! This is for me not anyone else, It's
going to be bangin!!!!
Gotta love it!!!! Now I have even more time on my hands
and I need to get into the sunlight, I am starting to
become pale again, I think the only thing that I would ever
wish for is that I was discovered when it comes to my
singing, I went out again this weekend and I had several
people come up to me and say, "You probably hear this all
of the time ,but you have an increatable voice and I want
you to know that, you are awsome!", Its still good to hear
that!! A girl from work wants me to sing for her new
boyfriend a special song, I told her that I didnt
know........ but I will try. I feel weird about that. I
have had several people from all ages ask me if I sing at
parties and special occasions,I dont think they even know
how hard it really is in the music business, I know that I
have a wide range and all w/my voice and as others say,"
You sing w/compassion and feeling", Yeah,.....I would love
to be a star. People at work are always looking at me and
smiling becasue I am always singing or humming or dancing
around, I tell everyone that if I am not doing all of that
then either I am mad or have something troubling my mind. I
am majority happy and singing make me happy.

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