Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2005-07-25 03:39:05 (UTC)

thin drum skins & an open hi hat

you ever just realize how blessed and fortunate you are?
that happened to me yesterday
I was sitting in a room with 5 drummers, an engineer,
myself and a friend and it hit me
those guys/my friends seemed happy to be there to play
drums on my album
they all hungout all day as if it were more of a party
than a boring recording session
everyone was supportive and helpful in deciding who plays
what and how to play it
and then the kicker was when whoever that drummer was got
into the studio to play their part they went above and
beyond making my songs sound phenominal
I could never be more happy and blessed
after 14 hours of recording we got 6 songs done.
the only downfall is that we will need to do this again to
finish everything. but maybe it's not a bad thing if it
turns out to be as fun as this was
thank you Andy, Zack, Caleb, Michael, Jeremiah, Ryan, and
Tom for your support and friendship
on another note
i move this weekend
and Shirts & Skins is finished being mixed
all that is left is some tweaking stuff and then we will
get it mastered and duplicated
i can't wait
sometime in the next 2 weeks I will have new promo
pictures made up
this thursday the original members of Pacifico (including
all 3 drummers) will start practicing for the big awesome
show August 27th which will be our friends 7-10 Splits
last show
so save a place on your calendar
ok i think thats it