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2005-07-25 00:04:08 (UTC)

Its been awhile and wow days are even crazier!!!!!

Ok well I wont go into major detail but things have been so
I never did give josh an answer and we arnt going out. And
now I dont want to go out with him hes well...too much for
me. He drinks non stop and does drugs more than I thought
he did.Just the other day he called me and said he was
drunk all night and got drunk again at 6 in the morning. I
just I cant take it hes not right for me. I told one of my
friends hes just a really close friend, I cant have more
maybe if he changed a little. Oh and after the email I sent
rachelle she totally bitched me out saying I was a
backstabber how could I do that etc and yea we had a fight
for a lil. But its fine now.
Well now I want to badly meet my friend mel's friend from
youth group...chris. Hes half black and soo hot! lol she
said hed really like me. But I have to wait awhile till I
can meet him.
Hmm oh yes owen broke up with rachel. Its sad and all but
kinda weird. Cuz the day before rachel called me crying
saying owen broke up with me. Blah balh. I personally didnt
care I was like oh I'm sorry blah blah. But then the next
day she came over and was like ok the whole owen thing was
a prank on you but today I went to his house and we were
having a great time and at the end of the day he broke up
with me said he still had feelings for a girl in main (he
use to live there and went their for two weeks awhile back)
So yea...
anything else...Oh yes terry was going to be moving to
chicago...it was becuz of her mom...things went kinda bad,
her mom drinks and yells alot and just went too far about a
couple weeks back. So she was living with some people for
awhile but moved back in with her mom. Everythings going
pretty fine I think her mom realized what she did and felt
so bad becuz now shes like there is no yelling cussing
nothing its a loving family. But terry might move at the
end of the school year becuz her moms girlfriend (yea her
moms gay) got the opertunity to run a beauty school in
easternwashington and shes going to take it. So yea.
Speaking of moving mel is going to move becuz her parents
are getting a divorce and yea. Shes begging her mom to move
into town but her mom isnt sure if she wants that. So I
feel bad.
OH and awhile back mel and I hung out for the whole day
till like midnight and we just walked around in town. It
was sweet cuz the power went out so it was like 10 pm all
dark. We just went to the school and talked for a LONG time
about EVERYTHING. I love mel shes such a great friend. Both
her and I were like we can only speak about this stuff to
eachother everyone else is like oh srry but we understand
eachother. Shes WOW the best friend you can ever have.

Other news I sadly cant use my celly that much anymore...My
mom went on the interent and saw our phone bill was $900
and its was mostly because of me!!!! So yea...woops.

Ok well I dont feel like writting anymore.
If you have N E questions just email me.


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