Hollow Years
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2005-07-24 15:28:15 (UTC)

Holding tight and try not to hide how i feel cause feelings mean nothing now

Linzi rang yesterday :) really cheered me up i miss her so

It was really wierd yesterday though i went to wigan with
emma and we went to the coffe house then walked around
then we went to tydlsey on a bus and went to this car wash
then to this lad called phils house and then we stayed
there which was really wierd and then we went for our tea
then we got a bus back and there was this really scary man
and adam and luke wouldnt leave because he was there lol
bless them. then we got on the bus and these kids got on
and they just had really different lives it was wierd.
Then rachael and emma slept :) was good we watched virgin

Today i have been shopping bought some clothes and books
for my holiday :) feel a bit sick now though because i was
reading in the car.

Simon asked me to go and watch eminem with him and i was
going to go but its when i have just started back college
so i cant. emma is buying his inme ticket of him so we
have go to leigh tomorrow at 11. i asked him come to my
party he asid he would i doubt it. I was talking to him
quite alot on here last night and i just kind of said
everything that was on my does that to me and i
kind of wish i hadnt at one point he said ':( i do miss
yew at times louise' 'i won't denaye it' then i said i was
scared of him forgetting about me or something like that
and he said 'i'd never forget you :('.

Anyway i must be off

[i know there will be mistakes that i will make but i know
none are worse than chances i don't take]

Song: hoobastank - right before your eyes
Mood: Feel a bit sick

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