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2005-07-24 05:56:35 (UTC)

The Day of People

So I got up at 9 to get ready for work. Actuallym ore like
9:30 because I like to lay in bed. So yes. Then it was
really really windy outside (Tucker didn't even sleep with
me last night! He slept on the couch!!! HOW RUDE!!) so my
Grandpa came and picked me up. And it was so funny. I was
unlocking the backdoor to open the garage because he was
going to be there any minute, and so I unlocked the
So then he drove me to work. Today I worked with April,
Jenna, Michelle and Shachi and yeah it was pretty fun.
haha. Kelsey was working today. And then we were having a
contest to see who could get the most credit apps and we
were competing for $5 and so when sombody got one they got
the $5 and then if somebody else got one the other person
had to giv them the $5. Kelsey got a credit app so I think
she won. But I'm not sure. I didn't get one. Either people
already have the credit card or else they don't want one.
The people who want one ask about it. Whatever. So yeah.
Ooooh...whatshisname...crap! Ummm...DOUG!!! Honestly. lol
what a crazy name. I never can seem to remember it. But
yes. He was working again today. I had my half hour lunch
break and I went down to the food court because Kayla was
at the mall and I walked her down to Chatters because she
was getting a hair cut and also I was gonna maybe get
food. And so I dropped Kayla off at Chatters then I went
to the bathroom and I'd just come out of the bathrooms and
I saw Roy, Kelly, Josh and Nick. Like wow. So yeah. We
talked for a bit then I had to go because I still wanted
to have some of my lunch. (I'd packed one. lol and I
remembered it after I came out of the bathroom.) So I was
in the staff room I guess its called...of Zellers and
Kelsey and I think Dustin, were on their breaks so I got
my lunch out of the fridge and was eating yoghurt and Doug
came in and he sat down at the table with us and he pretty
much said hi to Kelsey only, and then I asked her when she
worked next and she said tomorrow and told me the time and
asked about me so I told her and then Doug said he worked
tomorrow too and something else. But then my brake was
like over so I had to go. Then later on he brought up a
bike to me and was like "Do you have a break any time
soon? Or are you gonna be here for awhile?" And I said
that I'd be there for a while and then he told me that a
lady in a pink shirt named Iris was coming to get the bike
and so I had to watch it. And I was like ok. And then he
just kinda kept talking only I wasn't really listening
because well I had a customer. haha. But yes. He's still
definately hot. And Josh is pretty nice and decent too.
lol. Him and Dustin or Brenden came to my till because
somebody was buying a patio set and they were helping take
it out or something and they brought me the patio set book
so I could scan stuff and yeah. lol there was a long line
at my till so they were like sitting on the counter and
just hanging around. lol. Hmmm...I also saw Ashley Watson
today. Her and her mom came in and they were all dressed
up and I was like "Whoa why are you in a dress!?" lol what
a stupid thing to say. But yeah they went to a wedding.
And John and Trevor came in. And they got pop. And it was
funny. Trevor walked up and was like "You looked like you
were bored." and I was like "Whoa! Hi!" And it was
exciting. And John was like "You work here? How long have
you?" and I was like "Beginning of summer." And he was
laughing at me. Because I said "Is that everything for
you?" And apparently I sounded like everybody else. Well
what was I supposed to say??? Silly John. But yeah it was
definately exciting seeing them! And then Uncle Darrel and
Jordan came in and got shoes. And so yeah. lol Kyle works
at Canadian Tire with Jen! How crazy. So yeah. I saw lots
of people I knew today. I think I might have seen another
person or two I knew but well those are the ones I
remember the most. So work was pretty good today. Then
afterwards Grandma and Grandpa came and got me and we
quickly stopped at Safeway and then I asked if we could
stop by Little Caesars because I wanted to get a salad for
supper, so we did and IT TOOK THE PEOPLE FOREVER TO GET ME
MY SALAD! ARGH! Like wow. I got a family salad and a
package of crazy bread. So now I have some salad for lunch
tomorrow. Hmm...then I got Tucker from my grandparents and
walked home and I've been here ever since. Annette was
gonna sleepover tonight only her family's going out to the
lake so they wouldn't be back until like Monday so she'd
have to sleepover Sunday night too only I have school
Monday so Then Kayla was gonna come over only I
work at noon tomorrow and her mom doesn't wanna have to
drive out here to get her in the morning. So I'm alone
again. Its just me and Tucker again tonight. And I'm gonna
go to bed soon.
I pretty much did nothing tonight. I ate my supper, came
on here listened to music, put some more songs on my mom's
iPod, talked to people on msn (Brian Botterill, Chelsea
and Kelsey, Katie, Kayla, Jen (who I told about Alex)
and...I think that's it.) and then I was gonna go for a
walk only it was too dark so I didn't.

Work and Church tomorrow.

My back really hurts. Man this sucks. :( I really should
make an appointment with Adams because my back makes work
suck more. I was honestly on the verge of tears today.
Luckily Kayla and her mom came along. But seriously. It
didn't help all that much either. FRICKER! That's all I
have to say about that.

Haha and I still have Alex's knife from the camping trip.
Silly boy. ...I wonder how his burns are doing...when they
start healing they're gonna itch like hell. lol I speak
from experience from soccer turf burn on my knees many
times. Anyways. I'm off to sleep. Because my voice needs
to work for tomorrow. Lol I always loose it at work. Then
I croak at people. And I sound funny. Only my throats
slightly sore and hurtful tonight. I hope it isn't strep

Goodnight all! Sweet dreams!

p.s.- Kyle was hitting on me...AGAIN! I was talking to him
on msn and then he was going to bed and he was
like "goodnight" and I was like "see ya" and then he
said "babe ;)" and I was like "goodnight kyle." ARGH!

Also- maybe BB likes me. Not sure. But I was saying how I
was gonna go for a walk and he was like "It's dark. Are
you sure you'll be safe?" and I was like "Yeah I have a
knife (I was totally kidding though. I wouldn't use
it!!!)" and he was like "Just find a guy to take with you"
then I said "What if he's a wimp? What if he runs away and
hides?" and he said "What kinda of a guy would do that?"
me- "I dunno probably most"
Brian- "I wouldn't"
me- "No because a fence would come and get you first ;) "
And so we were talking and then a bit later I said "Oh
yeah I should go for my walk before it gets really dark
out." And then....

- Brian Botts| WMG Coach and Linesman says:

//niCole* says:
well...its dark. and i'm scared of being alone in the
dark. so even though its totally beautiful out i didn't go
for a walk. i stood on my deck. then i ran into my house
and locked the door, haha.

- Brian Botts| WMG Coach and Linesman says:
oh, maybe tommorow night, i'll be able to take you for a
walk lol

So yes. Anyways. haha now I'm talking to Amber and she
works at Please Mum! We like applied at the same time and
everything. And we got phoned around the same time too.
How creepy. lol I'm visiting her tomorrow because she
works from 12-6. How crazy. Anyways. I'm gone. Bye.