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2005-07-24 02:18:04 (UTC)

softball and my baby!!!

well thursady i hung out with my self them went to p
[ractice went to corning and hung out wiht allmy ladies!
then friday i hung out wiht corinne!!!!
then i went to the game wiht becky and Anton! ; )

that was a arealy nice game i was so proud of my self i had
sucha nice game i was eevn in the paper

then i met antons parents! that was fun so we all went to
pizza hut and to the movies i had such a god time it was

so saturday we woke up and went to the game which we lost
b/c we were all too tired!

then i spent the WHOLE day wiht my baby it was so awesome!
we went to the mall and the air show played softgball then
he watched my games where we did soo good
i think he is my new good luck charm sorry camden! haha lol!

well he is leaving for cvamp and i am gonna miss him the
only good thing is that his parents lie me and mine like
him so we are so awesome!

uhhh tomrrow we got somt tough games the tuesday wednesday
i have games too! the 16 and under world series which we
are gonna friggen win!!! right brooke wiht al our cheerinmg
lol yea im the man so i am gona to bed i am so beat! i love
you Anton Francis Zyla!

~*Cicianca Lee*~

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