Inside Look Of a 14 Year Olds Life
2005-07-24 01:52:53 (UTC)

July 23, 2005 ..Hmm Long time Since I've wrote

Well Lots has happened since my last entry ..Eddie finally
took my virginity on May 22 and I'm So Happy that it was
with him ..Ive grown up a lot more since my last entry to,
I Believe. I Dont know why but I seem more...Smarter or
Sophisticated. I Dont and Eddie has had Sex like
four times...I Think its great ..but Im trying to get him
to open up to new things. Lord..he has been getting a bit
smarter when it comes to hints at things ..Oh yeah it
turns out I Had to tell him that I Wanted him to take my
virginity ..he didnt know. He couldnt figure out the
hints ..He was a virgin too.. so yeah .both of our first
Times and it was great! Well ..I'll Probably write
more some other time..Bye Love you ...Amie3
I Love you Eddie! Your My Life!

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