2005-07-23 20:18:09 (UTC)

ok so danielle just left, and..

ok so danielle just left, and this is a record of our night...
As i said in my last entry, Dani wen to the Nelly concert,
so i met her at my mums place after it finished. While I was
waiting Tagan and Taryn came over and we talked ahit while i
had a few drinks.

When Dani got here, we both had a bit of meth, then all 4 of
us headed into town. Taryn and Tagan went to earth, and dani
and i went to Church.

I seemd to get alot of attention tonight, mostly beacuse i
had a flashing thing in my hair that people kept commenting on.

We met a girl in the toilets called niki she had had a green
misibishi (ectasy) and was freaking out. we calmed her down
then went ontonthe dance floor to let her friend know that
she was ok. Her firends name was John. he had a lot of
piercings, more that i would noramlly like, but he seems to
have a some kind of sex appeal. he was so off tap it was funny.

I msged Jordan a few times, he didnt seem that keen on
coming to meet us though, I get the idea that he went home
early cuz of the big night he had last night. shame anbout
that, cuz hes really good in bed. ha ha!

Xavior and Becks were msging us, so we said to come to
church. we didnt think they would show up, but then we
turned around and they were there. Xavior is annoying i
think he wants to marry me or something. he keeps putting
the moves on and i keep having to reject him. Becks on the
other hadn is hot as, but hes an asshole. he sends dani msgs
that are so "to the point". he doesnt even pretend that he
wants more than just a 1 night stand. so they came, and dani
ignored becks for a bit, then they walked off. Dani and i
danced to a few songs and saw them on and off all night.
Finnaly they decided to leave, and didnt even say goodbye!

There was also a guy names phil who i was talkng to beacuse
i am on meth, but hes lebo and i have no interest. i gave
him my number, but i know (or hope) that he will NEVER ring.
I didnt even dance with him or kiss him or anyrthing so dont

I also spoke to a guy named Shane, he was really nice, but
then his g/f got shitty that i was talking to him so he had
to leave :(. I seriously had no intention of doing anything
with him, we were just chatting but oh well.

Just before we left, we went to the rnb room where
kerry-annes b/f os a dj. his name is duane. the whole room
was dead there was only 1 girl daving and she was trashed. I
went up onstage and chatted to duane for a bit. He said that
he noticed me dancing up on one of the stages the other week
and though i was really hot. ha ha thats funny. that night
he was talking about, dani and i were pissed and dancing up
against the wall and stuff! he said that he was really
shocked that he met me the weekend after that, when i went
to meet kezy at the Palais where he was DJing. he said he
couldnt belive it when i walked in, cuz he immediatly though
t "OMG that hot chik knows my g/f!" he also said that if he
wasnt with kezy then he would try it on with me! as a joke i
said well what about if u ask her about a 3some? omg he
alsomt died! kez would never be into that and both of us
know it. then i had to go so he said well at least u can
give me a hug and a kiss, so i did. it wasnt a pash though
just peck on the lips. now i feel guilty about it. i
shouldnt play with my fiends bfriends!

when dani and i got back to mums, becks started mgsing her
and xavior started msging me. becks was still keen for it,
but xavior was giving me shit again cuz i dont wanna fuck
him. then in the middle of all the msgs going back and
forth, ray sent me a txt!

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