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2005-07-23 12:40:35 (UTC)

last night was one of the best..

last night was one of the best and worse nights of my life.

I invited mark over again, and he came over for dinner. we
had a great night, and listened to Matchbook Romance, which
he was impressed by. He didnt think i was into that sorta
music. and was even more surprised that not only did i know
what emo is but i like it. I wish he didnt have a g/f. If

We made love in my loungeroom by candle light, and it was
one of the most amazingly sweet and romantic sex i've ever
had. it was more than the usual wham bam thankyou mam lol.

he had to leave at about 1am, becauce he has footy today, so
after he left i decided to go get some smokes. on the way
to the servo, i got pulled over by the police and was done
drink driving. so theres the shit bit. funny but becuase i
had had such a wonderful night, it didnt really get me that
upset. i did cry, and the cop felt sorry for me, but i
really wasnt as emotional as i though i would have been.

back to mark... i really really wish he would break up with
beth. i really do. i always seem to fall for guys that are
in relationships, as if i have to have something that i
"cant" get. I dont even know if i actually want a
realtionship, but i do wish that i was the only girl that he
tought about late at night when hes all alone. i guess i
could be.. but i doubt it. he really seems to enjoy
spending time with me, we have so much fun and laugh so
much. hes so sexy.. mmmm...

Jordan was calling me and messaging me all night. he broke
up with tammy finally. like we didnt all see that happening!
I think he likes the fact that i dot want to be his g/f and
we just have really good sex. maybe hes just using me lol
but its ok, cuz im using him and he knows it. we have been
having sex on and off for over a year now. more like a year
and a half. and my brother still doesnt know. i might see
him in town tonight, he said he was going to the havelock
becuase he doesnt like church or tonic or earth. fair enough
i guess, though im not really a pub dweller and he knows that.

I called tom after i got done dd. he is so sweet. we have
such a huge sexual tention between us, but i really like his
g/f and thats a line that i wont cross. maybe just cuz i
like taryn and i dont wanna do that to her. i know tom would
be up for it though, its so obvious that he has a thing for me.

Danielle has gone to nelly tonight, and sam has gone camping
with the boys. Iris is in bordertown with Ryan. im really
glad she found someone so perfect for her. Mark is at Beth's
mums b'day.

well i guess we'll see what the night holds...

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