Soul Flares
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2005-07-23 05:07:28 (UTC)

Kiki's in trouble.

Cori and I just got back from Cali, and I'm worried for
Kiki. Wensday, while we were in Cali, she called us on
Cori's cell. She told us that her Mother is now getting
married to Steve, and by now, they are married. Wost of all,
Kiki wasn't invited. Truth be told, she wouldn't have wanted
to go anyway, but still Kiki is her ONLY DAUGHTER. She
should have at LEAST asked her to show. It's not fair at all
for her to get married and not even TELL Kiki about it. I'm
not exactly sure how Kiki found out, my it wasn't from her
mother. All I'm saying is that her mom could have been a
little nicer. You know? At least said, "Honey I know you
don't really like Steve, but I love him, and we're getting
married. I'll understand if you don't want to go, but know
that I would be happy if you were there." But no, she didn't
even WANT kiki there! How heartless is that! Just as the two
of them were beinging to get along!

So today, without going home, I went strait from the airport
to Kiki's. Cori came too of course and we hung out with her
for a while until she had to go to work, and then we went
home. Well first Cori's dad got us, we stopped by their
house Cori changed and then we went to my house. Our parents
went to dinner together and we ordered pizza. Then she left,
and dad TRIED to talk to me, but I'm not in the mood to try
to talk to him, so I avoided it. I know it's terrible right?
But my day has been kind of stressful and I didn't feel like
tring to get along with my father. Is that so wrong? So I
did a bunch of stuff, and now I'm writing this, Mom keeps
calling about watching something with her, but I just want
to sit here, and talk to my friends, not my familly. It
always takes so much out of me to be with them, to hold
everything together. *Sighs* I shouldn't complain. I can't
complin. Still this is for me, so as long as I complain to
no one else, it's not so bad. Right?

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