Hollow Years
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2005-07-22 19:13:36 (UTC)

If there's nothing missing in my life Then why do these feelings come at night

Well my life is really boring at the moment :(. Today i
went to andrus then helens that was okay as i havnt seen
andru in ages. then i went to alexs with sam emma luke and
adam and then went to wigan with luke adam and sam ate at
mc donalds then went home was really like slow done lol.

Yesterday was caf which i think was okay then sam and emma
slept which was good.

Hmmmmmmmm i have nothing to do at all im really fed up
with everything. the only i can be bothered to do at the
moment is read. I slept emmas the other day because i was
miserable and needed cheering up so we went to tesco and
bought loads of food and i ate half a chocolate cake and i
ate so much i was sick lol. I love cherryade at the
moment :) Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I havn't talked to Dan in ages which is really annoying :(
i miss him and his ways of making me feel better no matter
how bad i am feeling.

Sam Holden is meant to be having a party next friday which
is good :). feel like a bit of a party.

Next thursday is Inme which should be fun :)

I suppose my life is okay as i am not thinking about a
certain someone as i was doing a bit ago and im not
thinking that my life is rubbish and i have no chance of
finding someone im happy with or want to be with because
im sure i will in time.

I really just need my holiday to come to be honest.

well im off for an indian x

[Im so far gone now do you want to take me on]

Song: The used - Lunacy Fringe
Mood: Bored