My Gay Misadventures
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2005-07-22 13:04:14 (UTC)

Well, Hello Friends and white..

Well, Hello Friends and white people :)How are you today?
Super! Anyway, Just here Smokein ze MaryJ. At 7:30am. (well,
actually, i woke up at 6am.) So yes. That is ---
ARGGHH...----Lost train of thought there for a sec. We Are
Sorry for the Dely....-_....

yesterday was rather busy. Lets see...I woke up. played
resident evil. got online. talked to Erik from online. He
asked if i wanted to buy any weed, So he picks me up, we go
hang out in Converse for his sis to get it-and batta-bing
baby, batta-bing babY, i GOTs me some weed. So yea. High time.

20mins later

Sorry, got an IM from richard. my klept friend. So yea, when
I got home, the apt had been broken into. The door was
smashed open...Like someone really busted it open...so funny
thing is, nothing is missing...a witness saw a black guy
leaving. so it was prolly my moms ex...no biggie. maintance
fixed it makeshift. so yea. im sure something else
happend...Feh. anyway, now its like 8am. i needa move
around. Too bad. i coulda swore i had something deep to say.

ill update later---------------------

(wtf am i pointing at?)


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