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2005-07-22 03:10:35 (UTC)

school starts again... along with omerta 2.2 :)

hahaha i'm back back to updating this diary after more
than a month of slacking around. :P

school has started again, for about 3 weeks. lessons are
as boring as usual of course, with a few new lecturers and
stuff. what's so bad about it is that i'm stuck again with
mina... one of the lecturers who is plagued with the 'i
have no idea what i'm teaching' disease... most of us
emerge from her classes with a more empty head then when
we first went in.

but what really surprised me was the exams that are
already coming... after 3 weeks of school. practical exams
schedules are up, in course written assessment timetables
up, those lecturers are trying to drive us mad... and YES
they are mean.

but anyway, it's good to have something to occupy my time
again rather than sleeping and eating away at home. ^^

hahaha another thing to celebrate. ;)


the new version 2.2 is up and running, and most of the old
players are in it, like me :P i'm in a new family now,
more new friends, and i'm ranking like crazy and married xD
yup i'm married ingame :P

interesting isn't it?

heheheheh gotta go lessons are starting. :)

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