just 1 of many
2005-07-21 20:21:42 (UTC)

all i want is happy ppl

i want every1 2 be happy...i mean i reli rlei rlei want
them 2 be happy! i cant stand seein them upset! it cuts
rite thru me! it scares me, i dont want things to go back
to how they were cos i reli didnt like that!

all i want is 4 ppl to be happy! 4 them not 2 hav
worries...its imposible 4 sum1 2 be perfectly happy but i
jus dont want this! minor problems r ok but i dont like
these kinda probs! ther not masive or nefin ther jus not
gud 1s! ther anoyin an i dont like them!