life of a teenage drama filled life
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2005-07-21 14:34:10 (UTC)

Eye opener

So, what is the worst possible thing that could happen to a
teenage girl? Getting dumped by her first boyfriend that
she spent a year with and lost her virginity to. Not me,
but my friend ashley was the victim of this. She seriously
has called me balling her eyes out everyday since he did
it, and she wont eat and she wont sleep. I hate seeing her
like this, but i dont know what to say to make her feel
better. I mean, she says that she needs him, but she
doesnt, no girl needs a guy, that is what pisses me off. I
mean, how does someone need a man. It makes me happy that
i have never had a boyfriend because that way i never have
to get hurt. you know what i am saying? She is seriously
beautiful, and fun to be around and she makes any bad
situation good, but she is a wreck, what am i suppose to
say to make her feel better. I have ran out. THere really
is no making the situation better, because to put it
bluntly it sucks, bad.
Aaron and I were talking yesterday, and i suppose
i will have to tell you the whole story in order for you to
understand so here it goes. There is this girl carlene that
comes in to my work because her mom is there all the time.
Well, carlenes boyfriend seriously dresses like a girl, and
so aaron was like your boyfriend is a doochbag, and she was
like no, he is hot, and they got into this big argument and
everything and so aaron was like god i hate her and i was
all aaron, if you had a girlfriend and everyone said that
they werent hot, you would defend them too, i mean, it is
just what you do. And then he was like, no, i would just
be like, no my girlfriend isnt hot, but i still like her
even though she isnt. I thought that was the nicest thing
ever. That means that he would actually date someone who
wasnt perfect and that makes me happy. he might actually
be not as shallow as i thought. Even though all men seem
to be dickweeds. But i gotta run, until later!!