Loser In The Making
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2005-07-21 06:58:53 (UTC)

my feelings right now...

With you I was happy
I felt like I was alive.
But now that you’re gone
I feel like something is missing.
Deep inside
I feel I have a part of me gone.
And it wont come back
But you don’t care...
You’ve turned your back
You left me.
With good memories
I never asked for much
Didn’t ask you to love me..
You did that on your own
Now I wonder if that was just a hoax
A lot of people told me I was too good for you..
But I think YOU were too good for ME
But its over
So I shouldn’t complain
You’re out of my life...
And you left me in pain..

erg i suck at poems.. but thats how im feeling. i dont cry
over guys. i bottle up my feelings. it may seem like a
stupid idea.. but to me its not. it actually helps me. i
write my feelings in peoms.. i dont try to make them ryme
because they are just feelings i feel... so like yeah...

Your Depressed Boo.