Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-07-21 01:01:18 (UTC)

Too long gone

Dearest Master,

this slave must apologize that she has not written in her
journal for several days. Between her new job, baseball,
and birthdays, she has been very busy the past few days.
For the first time all week long, she was able to come
straight home, well almost, from work. she did have to stop
at the store to pick up a few things. Of course, if she had
used her head and listened to You, she coud have gone to the
store that was right on her way home instead of having to go
out of her way. It's not that she didn't listen to You, she
just didn't use her head when she heard You say "It's right
on your way home". There is no sense in debating the issue,
though. she screwed up, and she knows it. she is very
sorry, Master.

this slave's new job is going well. she understands her job
and knows what to do. she is having to learn a new system,
and new idiosyncracies having to do with working for a
different company, but it is going well. this slave is
getting along well with her new co-workers, and they have
made her feel very welcome. she is going to like this job,
and she knows that she will become an asset to her new
company sooner rather than later.

Monday, after work, O/our family went to a baseball game.
It started off really great, but just as the home team was
starting to build up a really good lead, the skies opened up
and a terrific rainstorm stopped the game. The rain came
down so fast and so hard that the game had to be postponed.
It stopped raining after only 10-15 minutes, but the field
was far too wet to continue play. W/we got really soaked.
The kids were a little disappointed, but less so when W/we
finally got home and O/our oldest child's favorite team was
playing on television.

Yesterday, W/we celebrated a birthday. It was really a good
time, and the honored family member received some very nice
gifts. You were really tired and came home early. When
this slave got home, with the rest of the family, she
completely let the time get away from her. You had laid
down to rest, and any time You do that, this slave is
supposed to wake You at a certain time. she failed to do
this, and You ended up waking up, on Your own, more than an
hour later than when she should have awakened You. this
slave is so sorry, Master. she is trying to get her
schedule worked out, but she realizes that she has no excuse
for letting such a thing happen.

Since this slave has been back to work, O/our time
T/together has been seriously affected. You have been
waking this slave up to service You, but W/we have not
really spent much time alone T/together. Tonight, this
slave fixed dinner for the family, and then brought Your
food up to Your room. You told this slave to join You with
her food, and she did. When she got to Your room, You
handed her a knife, indicating that You wanted her to cut up
her food. Realizing what that meant, she cut up the food,
took off her top, and waited for You to tell her where You
wanted her. You positioned her so that You could watch her
eat. Of course, she was not allowed to use any utensils, or
even her fingers. she knelt over the plate, and ate her
food just like a dog. The food this slave ate tonight was
fairly clean, and did not make a mess of her face. You have
often spoke to this slave of having to eat a salad in this
manner. this slave did get some lettuce this afternoon.
Perhaps tomorrow will be a salad day. *smile*

After this slave finished eating her food, and You finished
Yours, You had this slave get on her knees and lick Your
testicles. she licked them, and even took Your penis into
her mouth. You were really enjoying Yourself, and spent a
good amount of time pushing Yourself in and out of her
mouth. Then, You pulled away from her a bit, and told her
to take her breasts into her hands. she did, and You jacked
off all over them. You then told her to put her bra and
shirt back on, and to bring You ice water and ice cream.
this slave did as she was told, putting her clothes back on
without wiping away Your semen. Thank You, Master.

Tonight, You have indicated that this slave might receive
punishment for the errors she has committed this week so
far. she is very sorry for the things she has done wrong,
and accepts the fact that she is due punishment. she loves
You so much, Master, and she doesn't ever purposely disobey
or make mistakes. she knows that You hate to hear her say
that she is sorry, but she is sorry. she knows that her
promises to do better must seem like empty words to You.
this slave really is trying to be the kind of slave that You
want her to be. she is trying to be obedient and to put You
first in all things. she is so ashamed when she screws up.
she knows that You love her, and You want her to be a good
slave. she is trying, Master, and she will continue to try.
she never, ever wants to disappoint You.

It is getting late, and if this slave has any hope of U/us
having any time T/together tonight, she better sign off for
now. this slave loves You so much, Master. she misses
O/our time T/together.

Your loving, loyal, and devoted slave-pet,