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2005-07-20 19:05:28 (UTC)

i finished the book

i went to the harry potter thing friday night. i didn't
stay the entire time though. my book came in the mail the
next day.
i was so excited. monday night my mom's friend rebecca
called and said i need to call her as soon as possible
because she finished the book and it made her cry. so i
called then i read some more. then i woke up the next
morning in the previous days clothes and had to go to the
dentist. haha i finally finished it yesterday though. it
was amazing and extremely sad. i had to tell myself that
it was only a book though.

i got my schedule last week i think. im excited about all
of my classes. i just hope i get some with kendall and
other people i know.

i really want to go to my dad's house on friday, but i
have to go to north Georgia to teach vacation bible school
to little kids on saturday. i don't have to teach, but i
already committed myself to it. jenna and michele will be
there so it should be fun.

i finially cleaned my room and got rid of a lot of stuff.
i also revised all of my previous poems and now i have a
total of 14 that i decided to keep, or rather share with
others. the ones that i didn't like are rather cheesy.

i want to publish my writing. i think that would be
awesome to have a book on a shelf in barnes & noble next
to one written by a famous poet.

i feel so accomplished today. i am organized. the only
thing that i am stressing about right at the moment is
when im going to order my stuff for school. things such as
a few shoes that i don't have to have, and a new bag for

i want to go to a boarding school like in london. i think
that would be extremely awesome. maybe i will do a student
exchange thing or something. haha. i would be terrified

i better go put clothes in the dryer.

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