When RheaSunshine Speaks
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2005-07-20 15:54:41 (UTC)

Just to Write

Well today is not the day for me to place a poem in this
diary. I am simply going to write and maybe by the time I
gather all my thoughts together in one general place, I
will be able to cultivate my feelings into poem. I am
lost in the world of what I want and I am pulled in so
many different directions. My producer moved to
Charlotte, NC and with him took the chance that my second
album will be available ..... anytime soon. or so I
thought. He sent me a message today that stated that
wasn't the actual case and that there is a way for us to
get the recording done without being in the same
city....Wow the power of technology. So here I am on the
other side of my plans and still bustin' my tail. I am
going to get out of here and hopefully, I will find he
motivation to write something worth committing to memory

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