Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-07-19 22:43:34 (UTC)


(Pre chorus) Why would you want to know
All these absurd things?
(Lies tried, cries never heard)
Let me tell you it all when I begin to sing

I’m so messed up inside and out
So screwed up in my mind
I’m no good for you to use
I’m just running out of time
I’m not normal, yeah, you’ve already heard
That I went from hospital to group home
I kept getting hurt
From group homes to foster families
No wonder I’m screwed up beyond degree
From foster care to foster homes
I always felt so alone
From foster homes to foster family
I prayed that this was right for me
Cause the pieces to this puzzle
Just won’t fit together
I want to believe in me
When I say I’ll be here forever
But I can’t believe that a single puzzle piece
Could mess me up this way

So here I am. I’m 17.
Almost a senior in high school
I’m ready to graduate-Be glad to be free
To know it doesn’t matter if I’m not “Cool”

Why would you want to know all these unreal things?
(No lies tried. Cries always heard.)
Let me tell you it all when I begin to sing
Cause the pieces to my puzzle
Just happen to fit together
I believe in myself
When I say I’ll be here forever
Why couldn’t I believe
That this one piece
Could help me out this way
So now you know
I’m not as bad as you thought
Now you know
Why I hide what I fought
Resisting the battle
That would bring me to my feet
Showed me I’m much stronger
And less likely to defeat

July 14, 2005
Kendra Adams