Secrets come out?
2005-07-19 07:39:40 (UTC)

my birthday...

Well guys... today is my birthday ... another year older
and i am starting to feel numb to it... i don't understand
how anyone could feel as depressed as i did yesterday... no
one should have to feel that way at all .. EVER. I almost
got fired becuz i went into work and told them i was
sick... and my manager didn't like it so she threatened to
fire me ... after i have been there over a year.. and one
day ouyt of many that i am sick beyond my control... she
threatens to fire me ... so i stood up to her and told her
that i would bring her a doctor's excuse today when i go
for my ultrasound and i told her that it would then be
illegal for her to take me off the schedule... i know that
things are getting tighter at work and she was having a bad
day .. but now that means things will be tense while i am
there and so ... i am now looking for a job.. the bad thing
is that no one wants to hire a fckin pregnant girl okay...
so janie is putting me in such a bad position.. oh well ..
i will work through this like i do everything else that
comes up in my life. i go to court in a week .. to see if i
get sent off or what for my violation. i would not even
have known it was birthday today had i not had a doctor's
appt to remind me ... how pitiful is that.. things are
changing in my life already before the baby even gets here
and i feel like no one ever wants me around anymore.. not
even my own mother. but .. i'll make it i guess... until
next time .. love ya and happy birthday to me ... and btw
y'all have a tremendous day ... ~~~~~~R

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