My Gay Misadventures
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2005-07-19 05:52:18 (UTC)

another day, another Dire

well, went another day without human interaction. Things
arnt like they were before. Now im lucky if someone wants to
hang out...Im human too damnit. i have needs. Iv tried to
make myself belive i dont need affection. But it digs at me.
Also being without pot has its downside. I think too much.
Without my carebear clouds to obscure my deeper thoughts, i
over worry myself and earlier today, Lee resurfaced after
almost a year.

I need...something. I feel a void. But cant narrow it down.
Im not depressed. Im not...anything. I feel like cutting
myself. But i wont. damn...whodathunk id ever say that...Or
have that urge...pierceing at me. like an angry itch. my
blood is hot. and needs to open. ugh. i sound morbid. Ima
J/O and go to bed.

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