Forever Temporary
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2005-07-18 22:14:40 (UTC)

I think I'll leave and I'll take some rest

My friends from bac home, random conversations i have.

hiya guys HI
John - Johnny Panic hi
John - Johnny Panic hows u?
hiya guys fine howz u
hiya guys miss u loads
John - Johnny Panic awww
hiya guys i no this sounds stupid but do u think i am prety
John - Johnny Panic yeh your pretty
hiya guys i think i am sooooo ugly
John - Johnny Panic your not ugly at all
hiya guys awwwwwwwwww i think u r like one of the nisest
guys and i think u r lush. I really want a hug at da mo
John - Johnny Panic awww
hiya guys aw thanks
hiya guys i had a boyfriend called steve
hiya guys but i dumped him
John - Johnny Panic ooo when
John - Johnny Panic ?
hiya guys i thought he was using me 4 sex and to show of
hiya guys i feel so lonely
John - Johnny Panic awww honey
John - Johnny Panic i'm here
hiya guys yeh
hiya guys i wish he was more like u
John - Johnny Panic hey you’ll meet a guy for you someday
hiya guys do u have a girl friend
John - Johnny Panic yeh i do
hiya guys aw ok i was jus asking

strange world, when your single your stuck there, when you
find a girl a couple others turn up as well.

I get something in the post everyday off my girlfriend while
she has been away. makes me smile.

I come home and i have alot here still, a job waiting for
me, my old friends, my old town. its my town and always will

I failed my exmas which makes it even worse. i feel
stranglely comfortable with my life in the holidays, its how
it would be if i stayed here.
i'm thinking and can hear herbie fretting already. she gonna
hit me over the head.

why do i feel like shit when i haven't done anything?

Welcome home

I listen to money singing. It's like looking down
From long Welsh windows at a provincial town,
The slums, the canal, the churches ornate and mad
In the evening sun. It is intensely sad.

Provicial Lolita's in high heels

See the prams they push around
Eternal ruts with no prospects

To kill your dream before it's considered
To live in silence, airless closet, no vision

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