Elizabeth M.
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2005-07-18 21:36:29 (UTC)


So I cant help it, Orlando Bloom is a hottie!! I love the
way he looks and talks,he inspired me,... I have decided to
get a tattoo, on my wrist of a design and writing in a
different lauguage. Pain,... I hope not.
I figured that even if I only work 3 days a week I still
make the same amount of money as I did working full time.
Less stress and more time for myself.
This past sat was weird for me, Heather called me and we
went looking for Joey, What a mess!!!! It was pooring down
rain and Dumb me decided to go down Patapaco Ave not
thinking about the flooding, well lets just say heather and
I were like Holy Shit, the water was only about 2 inchs
then in less than a min it was up to my running boards on
my truck, I will never do that again!!! I was late to the
bar, I didnt get there until 11:30pm I was kinda mad but I
was helping out a friend, so I didnt mind as much. Heather
told me what was going on and everything,the night before
when she and joey asked to come to there new place, I just
shook my head, Joey was very skinny and I know why, I have
seem that before w/my ex's in the past, I didnt say
anything. Then he decised to tell me about Marks latest
new "tom boy girlfriend,"as joey stated, I told joey that I
didnt care to hear about it and if Chrissy wants to take
the risk after Karen and jen and everyone else told her
about Mark and his disease then thats on her, then joey
went on about what Mark had for diseases and started to ask
me if I got any of them, I looked at joey and said I only
got 1 and that is bad enough because I can never get rid of
it. I told joey that I wasnt here to talk about mark but to
see how they were doing since Heather called me. I just
dont know about them two, I tooked at joey and told him to
knock the shit off and grow up, you have a baby do very
soon and as a father you need to take care of that baby and
Heather, I told him that i didnt want to hear all the bull
shit, Heather told me about all of the problems she has
been having and that she is 8mons and the baby only weighs
3 lbs,I looked at her and told her that,"you need to look
out for yourself and the baby, that's not good that the
baby only weighs that, starving the baby like that while
joey steals from her to get drugs from himself". I wanted
to tell her to move back into her moms house and get some
space from joey, so he can work out his problems, but I
knew better not to say that. I just thought about it. Well
there's not much I can do about that. Its there lives and
they have to decide what to do.

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