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2005-07-18 21:19:56 (UTC)

* shooting stars *

Yet another top weekend!- lol the summer hols have bn
friggin amazin so far! bn workin durin the week as usual
but on fri we had a half day an went 4 lunch in the blue
rupee in hamilton an then aftr sum of me work peeps were
headin in2 town an that 4 a works nite out but i jus went
4 the lunch an then went shoppin wiv me wages! lol then
went up 2 straven! met up wiv a steam boats wilkie lol she
woz funny as fuck! we 1stly were jus kinda spkin 2 a few
folk an then lauren power drove by an then 2 mins l8r
foned 2 c where we were headin so she came out wiv us 4 a
bit! neways on our way 2 the star wilkie the steamer fell
in the middle of the road! i woz pissin maself laughin!
then helped hur up! lol an told hur 2 move hur ass! she
had cut hur knee *we had a bleeder* lmao! but i fort she
wld b fine! she stayed out wiv us the rest of the nite an
that but wen i foned hur the nxt day i found out she had 2
go 2 casulty cos hur foot woz agony aftr hur fall ! i felt
relly bad 4 laughin an makin hur keep walkin! lol but
lookin bk its still kinda funny!

neways i shld appologise 4 ma last entry callin ppl
bawbags! lol apparently there woz a misunderstandin but er
im still not 100% convinced but i'll put it behind me an
jus c how fings go! lol so neways met up wiv gun l8r on on
fri nite only 4 a wee bit tho!

then sat nite went up 2 eilidh's wiv emma fraser an chez!
then had 2 go bk 2 straven 4 jon wilson an kenny! -u'z
well owe me big time now! lol neways there woz a few
laughs up there but also a few fucking wankers an all so
we decided 2 jus leave early so me chez an john headed bk
2 straven 4 last orders! lol

an since i woz off 2day fort i shld make good use of
sunday lol so we decided 2 go 2 ayr- it jus ended up me
chez an nic! neways it woz good! we had lunch an a few
drinks there...2b honest we didnt need2 go all the way 2
ayr 4 that but as nic sed we'll remember that day bettr
than if we had jus hungbout straven! neways we had a bit
of bother-lol tryin 2 get home, well fort we wld get a run
off 1 of the guys at least but evry1 woz workin! so we had
2 get 2 buses an a taxi- lol but aftr every stop we went 2
a pub then on2 the nxt bus lol- best pub woz the 'fanny by
gaslight' legendary! lol neways nic almost got us lost by
tellin us 2 get off in newmills instead of darvel ! but it
woz all good cos eventually we made it bk 2 straven! oh an
wen we were in ayr this weirdo woman came over 2 our table
an ame rite up 2 me an goes'ur beatiful' blah blah 'ur
lips oh i cld jus kiss them myself' i woz pretty freaked
out an finkin er naw plz dont but evry1 else seemed 2 find
it hilarious! lol it woz actually kinda funny~lookin bk!
neways we went sum hefty trek...straven-darvel-kilmarnock-
ayr bk 2 kilmarnock then newmills b4 we eventually got bk
2 straven via a taxi! lol it woz quite an expensive day...
then we jus spent the rest of the day mainly in the
weavers chattin 2 folk b4 i crashed at nics! the star woz
sooo dead last nite except 4 few randoms an this relly
freaky guy that apparently jus kept starin at me an chez
(i didnt notice) but wen we left he left 2 an started
following us down the street which relly freaked the 2 of
us out we were walkin normall then relly fast then full
out runnin- lol it woz like sumink out a scary movie! but
needless 2 say we'r fine! lol

rite now im actually fuckin shattered! jus hope ill b
okies 4 work in the mornin! lol cath ye...x

*Waiting for a star to fall, And carry your heart into my
arms,That's where you belong ,In my arms baby, yeah*

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